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An eclectic chess variant set
« on: December 05, 2019, 03:22:33 pm »
Hi there. I'm a French author known for my books on games'history ( but I'm also a CV enthusiast. I plan to make sets to play a bunch of chess variants. The idea will be to have 3 sets.
First set will be a regular chess set with the 2x16 standard Staunton pieces.
Second set will be named "Meta-set" and will have 2x16 pieces: 1 Marshall, 1 Cardinal, 1 Lion, 1 Eagle, 2 Cannons, 2 Elephants, 2 Camels, 2 Prince and 4 additional Pawns. That will be suited to play many favorites CVs.
Third set will be the "Tera-set" for those who like very large CVs or playing historical ones (Grant Acedrex, Timur, etc.). It will have also 2x16 pieces: 2 Bows, 2 Wolfs, 2 Giraffes, 2 War Machines (Dabbaba), 1 Rhino, 1 Buffalo, 2 additional Princes, 4 additional Pawns. I believe that this will provide enough variety to play most of the funny CVs for 2-players. At least to start with.
I would like to develop pieces in the Staunton-spirit, well balanced between abstract and figurative designs, ideally that can be fabricated both by wood-turning or by 3D printing. Anyone interested in this project who could help me? Every talent could be helpful.

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Re: An eclectic chess variant set
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2020, 03:34:04 am »
Are you aware of the Superchess pieces? ( , click on ' available pieces' in the left-marginal menu)


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