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Re: Chess Variant DIY projects - post them!
« on: January 25, 2018, 08:09:02 pm »
It's one thing to buy bigger boards and extra pieces, but to me, making it yourself brings a greater satisfaction. I'd like to dedicate this thread to any personal projects you'd like to share. High-quality, low-quality, prototypes - anything goes.

Well here is how I started, back in 1998.

Known as the "frying pan set" because I melted a Knight to a Rook in a frying pan, this is how I made my first 10x8 set. Didn't even call it Gothic Chess right away (only later, when I printed the board at Kinko's Copies). I was primarily looking for opponents to play Capablanca's Chess with, mostly at the Franklin-Mercantile Chess Club in Philadelphia and the Doylestown Chess Club in Doylestown, PA.

The Archbishop was a Bishop with 2 red checkers glued to the base (for black) and 2 white checkers glued to the base (for white). Shown here are the Chancellors, a black "Archbishop," and a regular black Bishop.

After a while, the Capablanca setup was found to be flawed, so the hunt was on for the better 10x8 setup. And then later came Gothic Chess, much more awesome pieces, boards, a program, a website, and an email from someone in Iceland saying Bobby Fischer would be willing to play Anatoly Karpov in this new variant instead of regular chess.

By the way, I still have about 3000 complete sets of pieces (no boards) that looks exactly as shown below:

10 white pawns
10 black pawns
1 white archbishop
1 black archbishop
1 white chancellor
1 black chancellor
2 white rooks
2 black rooks
2 white knights
2 black knights
2 white bishops
2 black bishops
1 white queen
1 black queen
1 white king
1 black king

If anyone is interested in obtaining a set, let me know. You can play any 10x8 variant that uses a Chancellor and Archbishop.
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