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ChessV universal chess engine
« on: January 27, 2018, 01:41:48 am »

I just discovered this new forum.  It's always nice to see an expansion of the chess variant community.  Since some of you may not be active on, I thought it might be worth a post to let everyone know about ChessV, my free and open-source universal chess program.  And, to those of you who are already aware, please excuse this brief intermission :)

ChessV is available for download at  It is a full GUI and engine.  You can use it both to play against the internal engine and also to control external engines.  The Windows installer download includes Fairy-Max and SjaakII fully configured and ready-to-go.  For non-Windows users, there is a straight binary download that you can unzip and run under Mono.  Full C# source code is also available with detailed documentation about the internal design and how variants are programmed with examples.

It currently supports over 75 variants, including some pretty exotic things with little or no support elsewhere... Such as Alice Chess with two boards; Marseillais Chess and Doublemove Chess with two moves per turn; Multi-path pieces such as in Falcon Chess; and other wild stuff like Viking Chess where both armies start side-by-side and move in the same direction.

You can add support for variants it two ways.  You can download the source code and write C# and recompile it.  Obviously this is a significant undertaking, but the platform is built to make this easy and it is pretty well documented.  For a C# programmer, this shouldn't be too difficult.  But it also provides a simple scripting language for defining new variants.  This is very simple, but this feature is still in early development and is limited (and not well documented.)  For examples, just install ChessV and look in the "include" sub-directory.  Basically, you can combine existing pieces and rules and even define new pieces (within reason) but you cannot create new rules.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you encounter any issues.


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