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Forum Announcement and Contest
« on: June 07, 2018, 08:52:15 pm »

You may have noticed that the forum is experiencing somewhat of a mid year lull, which is to be expected. Nevertheless I have been busy at work improving it! Besides various bug fixes and page loading problems now mended you all now have access to all of the emoticons that would be seen on an Apple mobile product messaging application, I hope you enjoy! I'm just happy I can now use the flag of Uzbekistan  on my website.

Anyway as my judges from around the world are getting back to me with the long overdue results for the 10x10 contest slowly and surely (I totally am never relying of twenty super busy people scattered around the world as a viable judging method ever again) I have decided for the summer to make a short and sweet contest that is easy to judge and I can actually do by myself.

Since I will be extremely busy almost all summer I'll give you all until August 15th revise and edit your games for submission!

You must design a playable and enjoyable variant on a board of six by five squares. The rest is up to you!

Indeed it is certain that Chess Variants make me happy.

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Re: Forum Announcement and Contest
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2018, 05:42:17 pm »


   King: K - standard chess/shatranj king, moving 1 square in any available direction.

   Knight: N - standard chess/shatranj knight, leaping 1 square orthogonally and then one more square diagonally outward.

   Modern Elephant: E - Alfil + Ferz; steps 1 square diagonally or leaps 2 squares diagonally.

   Modern Warmachine: W - Dabbaba + Wazir; steps 1 square orthogonally or leaps 2 squares orthogonally.

   Shatranj Pawn: P - standard chess pawn except with no initial double-step. Promotes to Knight, Modern Elephant or Modern Warmachine.

Game is played on a 5 x 6 square board. At start, each player has 5 pawns, placed on the 2nd and 5th ranks, and 7 pieces, placed along the 1st and 6th ranks.
    Piece placement: w+n; e; k; e+n; w / ppppp / 5 / 5 / PPPPP / W+N; E; K; E+N; W

Ralph Betza's Rule Zero applies: All standard chess rules apply except as otherwise noted.

Any 2 friendly pieces may occupy the same square. This does not apply to pawns (unless both players agree to try this experimental version.)
This pair of pieces may act as 1 piece, moving, capturing and being captured together, as either of the pieces in the pair for each move.
Or either piece may freely move as an individual, leaving the other piece behind on the originating square.
A piece may start its move as 1/2 of one pair, and end that move as 1/2 of another pair.
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