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Re: Forum Announcement and Contest
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   King: K - standard chess/shatranj king, moving 1 square in any available direction.

   Knight: N - standard chess/shatranj knight, leaping 1 square orthogonally and then one more square diagonally outward.

   Modern Elephant: E - Alfil + Ferz; steps 1 square diagonally or leaps 2 squares diagonally.

   Modern Warmachine: W - Dabbaba + Wazir; steps 1 square orthogonally or leaps 2 squares orthogonally.

   Shatranj Pawn: P - standard chess pawn except with no initial double-step. Promotes to Knight, Modern Elephant or Modern Warmachine.

Game is played on a 5 x 6 square board. At start, each player has 5 pawns, placed on the 2nd and 5th ranks, and 7 pieces, placed along the 1st and 6th ranks.
    Piece placement: w+n; e; k; e+n; w / ppppp / 5 / 5 / PPPPP / W+N; E; K; E+N; W

Ralph Betza's Rule Zero applies: All standard chess rules apply except as otherwise noted.

Any 2 friendly pieces may occupy the same square. This does not apply to pawns (unless both players agree to try this experimental version.)
This pair of pieces may act as 1 piece, moving, capturing and being captured together, as either of the pieces in the pair for each move.
Or either piece may freely move as an individual, leaving the other piece behind on the originating square.
A piece may start its move as 1/2 of one pair, and end that move as 1/2 of another pair.
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