Author Topic: IS THE CHESS VARIANT FORUM DEAD?  (Read 176 times)


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« on: October 01, 2018, 06:42:20 am »
For me, life has picked up again and I've not got a lot of time to play chess and variants. I've been lurking, just not posting. Honestly, what catches my attention nowadays is when Steve starts posting about Final Wars again on the forums or on reddit and then disappears off the face of the earth. Say what you want about him and his mannerisms and his opinions, I think the game's brilliant and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves in the future.
I think I've also said this before - most people that want to play correspondence games are either going to use the Chess960 forum on or Jocly. There's no reason not to use them at this point. Correspondence games make up to 95% of all activity on the forums, which, while I've said how I feel about that, is an impressive statistic.
Holistically, this forum's a node that makes up a larger active network of people that share a common interest. Sure, it's inactive for the time being, but I can't think of going to any other forum to discuss historical chess variants. Can't deny yourself the fact that you've connected people.
Something that I think would make the site better - and I'm going to say it to save H.G. from banging on about it any further - is to have interactive diagrams. I don't know the limitations of Create a Forum's software but if you just had some kind of widget or extension to set up a board in a post like, that would significantly increase this forum's functionality. People wouldn't have to go through the falderal of editing the board in Paint (or however it's done nowadays) and you'd save storage space. Start simple with chess, or thai makruk, don't stress about move legalities, then build up to more complex games. H.G. has shown that it is technically feasible - but if it's not doable within the limitations of Create a Forum, then I'd consider hosting the forum with some other forum software, like phpBB for example.
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