Author Topic: IS THE CHESS VARIANT FORUM DEAD?  (Read 175 times)


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« on: October 03, 2018, 08:31:54 am »
Yes, the forum is totally dead. The initial activity might have seemed large, but it was due to very few people. When you were not offering something they could not do just as well or better (and for a larger audience) elsewhere, they left. It takes effort to keep people returning to a forum, you need to offer them something that makes it worthwile. This could be a large and active community, giving fast and knowledgeable response to your postings, but initially you won't have that. When the technical possibilities of the forum then also are inferior to what is offered elsewhere (no support for diagrams or games as has, upload quota saturated, making it extremely cumbersome to show images), there is no incentive to stay here.

As to having diagrams: the technical support for this forum hosting site ensured me this would be possible, and in fact rather easy. The catch is that you have to be forum admin to do it. I have done a similar thing on , where, after an upgrade to phpBB 3 they had lost the old functionality for embedding diagrams. But there they were willing to let me become a board admin, so that I could perform the necessary actions (defining 'custom BBcode tags', and put some text in the header of forum pages). I can only make a difference when people allow me to make a difference...
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