Author Topic: IS THE CHESS VARIANT FORUM DEAD?  (Read 176 times)


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« on: October 10, 2018, 08:55:00 am »
HGMuller I have made you a temporary admin to insert the code. Thanks so much!
Unfortunately this seems not to have worked. I am 'global moderator' now, which probably means I can edit other people's postings, but I have no access to the admin control panel where I could change the looks of this forum.

In the mean time I developed a server-side CGI program that can render pieces and whole-board images from SVG image files for the pieces. (This type of graphics is scalable without loss of image quality, so the user can request any size he wants.) This produces images that are static on the client-side; to have anything interactive there you really would have to embed a JavaScript program in the forum pages, which could then run client-side. But the latter is non-standard, while the forum does allow to embed images.

So let me try if it also allows embedding of images from a CGI 'script':

[Edit] It seems to work, but not very reliably. Sometimes the image does not appear, and I have to refresh the page with Shift pressed to make it appear.

What I had to do to get the image is put the URL

into my posting, and put img tags around it. So one just has to specify the FEN of the desired position after the 'f=' CGI argument. And know what letter to use for which fairy piece.
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