Author Topic: Will computers ever solve chess?  (Read 132 times)


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Re: Will computers ever solve chess?
« on: April 18, 2018, 05:42:12 pm »

Expanding on this question:

Part 2: "Will computers ever solve infinite chess?" Here the chessboard is unbounded, and it should be assumed chess pieces move with a regular pattern (classical chess pieces, compounds of classical chess pieces, and simple-to-describe chess pieces such as guards and hawks). One example of an infinite chess game is here:

Yes. There are a finite number of pieces. the infinite board is not particularly important past a certain number... I'll call this number X. The actual board size is X in infinite chess, and that size is based on current piece positions, however always centers on the two Kings. So, a piece might wander as far off the board as you like X+1 or X+1,000,000 and it doesn't functionally matter to the game strategy and tactics. The game is bounded to actionable moves by a finite number of pieces and playing in "the hinterland" doesn't matter so long as the computer and deal with it as being "in infinity" or another term "off board". It's influence only matters when it can return to the active board by, likely, one avenue or path. If it can move by two ways, then it's likely on "the active board".

Given this limitation, I see no reason a brute force solution wouldn't eventually be available.
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