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I was reading some stuff about chess history, and I noticed that the church had apparently condemned chess, so I wondered what would’ve happened if they hadn’t. That is the base idea for this chess which was inspired by the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Board: 16x12

Laity o1x>, c1> promotes to Cleric
Cleric o1x, c1+
Deacon 2x
Priest ~2x
Pastor ^2x
Archdeacon ^2x
Bishop nx
Archbishop o(nx).~2-
Metropolitan nx(bounce edges)
Cardinal nx+
Pope 1x+

Goal: leave the opposing pope without a way to get out of being threatened or leave the opponent without a legal move

Rules: once per game the pope is allowed to switch with a laity as long as said laity is not being threatened.
The laities promote to clerics if they reach the opposition’s second rank.
A pope may not threatened a pope.
Pastor will not be allowed to jump a piece if there is a piece in the square it lands on. (This rule only applies to pastor)

D   Pr   P   Ad   B   Ab   M   C   Pp   M   Ab   B   Ad   P   Pr   D
L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L
L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L
D   Pr   P   Ad   B   Ab   M   Pp   C   M   Ab   B   Ad   P   Pr   D

Notes: I couldn’t get the grid to show for the setup. I used Parlett’s movement notation to describe the way the pieces moved and I used - to signify that the pice must move in the same direction it was moving prior.

Please ask any questions you’d like.
Constructing Homemade Sets / Re: An eclectic chess variant set
« Last post by HGMuller on February 10, 2020, 03:34:04 am »
Are you aware of the Superchess pieces? ( , click on ' available pieces' in the left-marginal menu)


Constructing Homemade Sets / An eclectic chess variant set
« Last post by Cazaux on December 05, 2019, 03:22:33 pm »
Hi there. I'm a French author known for my books on games'history ( but I'm also a CV enthusiast. I plan to make sets to play a bunch of chess variants. The idea will be to have 3 sets.
First set will be a regular chess set with the 2x16 standard Staunton pieces.
Second set will be named "Meta-set" and will have 2x16 pieces: 1 Marshall, 1 Cardinal, 1 Lion, 1 Eagle, 2 Cannons, 2 Elephants, 2 Camels, 2 Prince and 4 additional Pawns. That will be suited to play many favorites CVs.
Third set will be the "Tera-set" for those who like very large CVs or playing historical ones (Grant Acedrex, Timur, etc.). It will have also 2x16 pieces: 2 Bows, 2 Wolfs, 2 Giraffes, 2 War Machines (Dabbaba), 1 Rhino, 1 Buffalo, 2 additional Princes, 4 additional Pawns. I believe that this will provide enough variety to play most of the funny CVs for 2-players. At least to start with.
I would like to develop pieces in the Staunton-spirit, well balanced between abstract and figurative designs, ideally that can be fabricated both by wood-turning or by 3D printing. Anyone interested in this project who could help me? Every talent could be helpful.
« Last post by GothicChessInventor on September 14, 2019, 10:18:10 am »

What happened to all of the activity we had on here earlier this year? While some remains, It has at the very least taken a huge dive. Do any of you know how we can get activity back up?

Well you CENSORED people. That's why I left. And that's why it deserves to die.

You can't be a PLATFORM and censor people. That's not how it works. A platform allows freedom to the posters in exchange for legal immunity for libel.

A PUBLISHER can edit. But, publishers CAN be sued for libel.

Therein lies the difference.

So, go ahead, be a heavy-handed moderator and continue to censor subject matter experts such as myself, and then you reap what you sow. Enjoy the inactivity.
General Discussion / Test thread for new forum features
« Last post by HGMuller on June 16, 2019, 03:08:56 am »
This tests whether the 'diag' tags are recognized:

[diag]This text is in diag tags[/diag]

If so, it should appear green
General Discussion / One Year of the Forum
« Last post by Asher Hurowitz on February 17, 2019, 11:17:52 pm »

I am excited to announce the one year anniversary of activity on this fine forum! (It happened a while back)

I hope we can reinvigorate this wonderful site!

Asher  :)
Variant/Project Announcement, Description and Purchase Links / Re: Queen Go
« Last post by Asher Hurowitz on February 17, 2019, 11:16:46 pm »
Variant/Project Announcement, Description and Purchase Links / Queen Go
« Last post by ubersketch on February 09, 2019, 08:22:08 pm »
Setup is same as FIDE except all pieces are replaced by 1 type of piece.
This piece moves as a queen as captures like go pieces, and they cannot move once they've captured.
Win condition for a team is if opposing team's last piece is in checkmate.
Some new pieces:
Dummy - Can be placed at any turn in the game for free. Cannot move or capture or do anything (unless it’s activated by a piece like the Lamia.)
Beacon - Can be placed at any turn in the game after a sacrifice. All friendly pieces a queens move away from it cannot be captured. Cannot move or capture. May be placed anywhere.
Rider - Every friendly piece within a 5x5 radius of it can move as it’s rider equivalent.
Shifter - Can capture any unprotected piece and take its tile.
Armor - Promoted dummy (capturing a piece and moving to the last 3 enemy ranks) can move to any tile, but cannot capture unless activated.
Tamer - Moves and captures as queen. May convert every piece within a 5x5 radius into a friendly piece, but demotes to a Lion (chu shogi.)
Draftsman - A draughtsman from draughts/checkers, obtained from sacrificing a Queen.
Drafter - A king draughtsman, obtained from getting a Draftsman into the last 3 enemy ranks.
Final Chariot - Obtained by sacrificing 3 Rooks. A final chariot makes a rook and a bishop move in one turn, allowing for 2 captures (one for rook move, another for bishop move.)
Lighthouse - 3 lighthouses can be placed in one game. Every friendly piece within a queens move can leap.
Abbess - Moves as a bishop. All friendly pieces a queens move away immobilize all adjacent pieces.
Grenadier - Moves as an uncapturing queen. One turn may be used to capture all enemy pieces within a 5x5 radius.
Annihilator - Moves as a queen. Every piece within a queens move may be captured without moving.
Beserker - All pieces within a 6x6 radius get captured, regardless of color.

A sacrifice is giving up a certain number of pieces of certain types for another piece (it may be placed at any turn.)
Variant/Project Announcement, Description and Purchase Links / Re: Medeek Chess
« Last post by Asher Hurowitz on December 04, 2018, 11:44:36 pm »
So cool! Reminds me of the kirin move in Shogi variants, and a kind of Dabbaba Firzan combo.

Welcome to the forum!
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