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Re: Peace Chess (Paco Shako)
« on: February 02, 2018, 11:43:58 am »
1) Indeed. Moving to a square occupied by a lone piece of your own, is forbidden (like in orthodox Chess). You can move lone pieces only to empty squares or squares that contain a (paired or lone) opponent piece.
2) Yes, in the sense that you never were allowed to move your opponent's pieces in the first place. So my Rook embracing his Knight can be moved in my turn like a Rook, but not like a Knight, as the Knight cannot move in my turn.
3) Well, a simple notation that works in general for variants where multiple pieces can be moved in one turn would be to just separate the individual moves by commas. It might be more clear if a released piece would always be followed by an asterisk as a disambiguator, like R*xf4.
4) The current rules stipulate that the King can never initiate an embrace, i.e. instantly loses when he does, without completing the move for any pieces he released. This makes the King quite defenseless, however, and unprotected Queen can drive it to the edge for checkmate. So rule modifications to improve the King's defense are under study. Allowing the King to embrace on its own initiative (also after release) is in itself not a solution, as this would allow the opponent then to 'abduct' the King by retreating the embracing pair deep into its own camp, where it would not survive anyway. So it would only work in combination with a rule that forbids moving a piece that was embraced by the King. This complicates the rules, however.
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