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Re: Peace Chess (Paco Shako)
« on: February 03, 2018, 02:50:06 pm »
1. This makes sense.

2. Oh! I thought you could move the piece as either of the combined pieces as could your opponent. Is there currently a rule regarding repetition of combined pieces? A combined Queen/Rook moving back and forth with checkmate unattainable?

3. Yes, the chained movement is what I was curious about. My pawn releases my bishop which then releases my rook ... the notation quickly ends up looking odd if you don't have some way to show the chaining. Example of chain notation:c2xb3>Bb3xa2>Ra2xa4

4. So currently the rule could be simply that if the opposing King is embraces, you immediately win. Wouldn't matter who initiated it, resolves strange combinations.