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Re: Peace Chess (Paco Shako)
« on: February 04, 2018, 04:49:01 pm »
There's a little bit of Alice Chess in this (in that you can both be in the "same square" in Alice Chess) but the joining of the pieces is quite nice. I like the phrase "embrace" very much for describing the mechanic. It's like a friendly hug and oh, let's go move some place you don't want to be for awhile.

It would seem to me that the Knight would increase in value for such a game because it can "kidnap" an opposing piece and place it in hard to reach location after leaping... trapping it. Since an embraced piece can't move into an occupied space, you can safely embrace the opposing Queen and then move it behind your own lines where your opponent is stuck and can't move out.

Edge case questions:

A. En Passant, does it still work and if so where does the embraced piece end up?
B. Embraced pawns reaching the last rank, are they effectively stuck there or do they promote? Can they promote on the opposing players turn?
C. Is castling blocked by opposing pieces attacking a square between the Kind and Rook (embraced or not)?
D. Can an embraced Rook still castle if it has not previously moved?
E. When you embrace a pawn to an opposing piece, if you later dislodge it can it choose to either embrace diagonally or move? I'm assume it can't "move" into a square occupied by an opposing piece.