Author Topic: Polgar Superstar Chess: an Exciting, Quick and Cheap Hexagonal Variant from Hungary  (Read 70 times)

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We all know of the famous Polgar sisters and perhaps their father Dr. Lazlo Polgar. What is unknown is perhaps one of the great new up and coming variants has been published by this legendary chess aficionado. Known as "Polgar Superstar Chess," this variant brilliantly packs all of the fun and depth of chess into a quicker, perhaps slicker variant. Unlike most chess variants, this one is extremely cheap for what it is, with a portable magnetic set going for just $15 on (the link to buy is below), and so far I have not regretted this purchase a single bit. With tournaments in Hungary and Israel (where a good portion of my family hails from), this game has started to become popular, and for good reason. Custom set ups seen in Sittuyin make for infinite replay-ability, and the strange shape of the board coupled with some enhanced/detracted piece values make tactics interestingly refreshing. It is on average a quicker game then your standard match of chess, but is nevertheless extremely intellectually stimulating. The game is equally interesting in the medium of puzzle construction, and many puzzles have been crafted for you to try in the link to the official website below, which I highly recommend you check out. I even like the intriguingly different Eastern European style pieces, which can be used by similarly frugal teenage enthusiasts in homemade variants!

Overall, for the chess enthusiast, whether as an exercise in tactics or a game to play competitively, I highly recommend this game. If anyone has any personal affiliation with the esteemed doctor, I would ask if you could ask him to join our forum, as his insights pertaining to his fine game would be wonderful.

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