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Re: Variant Description - Chess on an Infinite Plane
« on: January 21, 2018, 01:15:13 pm »
Thanks elephant and McGoohan for your comments. The study of game length for any variant (and chess itself) is very interesting to me.

I've seen both very short and long games. I'm actually surprised some games haven't been longer - I think theoretically a game between two expert players (and without strong pieces added) can be much longer than normal chess. If the center armies don't lead to an advantage for one side, then the hawks and pawns in the rear formations will come into play, with the pawns requiring a long journey to possible promotion.

I'm not sure of the longest game. One game was played with the huygens (a piece which jumps prime numbers of squares). This game was 94 moves (notation below). If I hear about any shorter or longer games I'll bring information here. :)

(game start date: ~2/24/2017)
mayapira     vickalan
(White)       (Black)
--------     --------
1. (5,4)     (3,5)
2. N(6,3)    (5,6)
3. N(3,3)    N(3,6)
4. B(2,5)    (1,6)
5. Bx(3,6)   (2,7)x(3,6)
6. (2,3)     N(5,7)
7. (5,5)     N(7,6)
8. Hu(5,0)   C(2,7)
9. B(2,2)    (4,6)
10.(8,4)     (4,6)x(5,5)
11.Nx(5,5)   Nx(5,5)
12.Hu(5,5)   (6,6)
13.Hu(10,5)  B(4,6)
14.N(5,4)    (9,6)
15.Hu(-3,5)  B(5,5)
16.Bx(5,5)   x(5,5)
17.Ha(1,-2)  (0,6)
18.(3,4)     Hu(0,4)
19.(4,3)     (8,5)
20.(6,3)     (10,6)
21.Q(4,0)    (9,5)
22.Ha(4,1)   x(8,4)
23.Rx(8,4)   (7,6)
24.C(0,2)    (1,5)
25.(1,3)     Hu(-5,4)
26.R(10,4)   C(10,8)
27.K(6,1)    (10,5)
28.Ha(8,-2)  Hu(9,4)
29.Ha(8,1)        C(9,6)
30.C(9,2)         R(10,8)
31.Hawk(10,3)     Q(13,-1)
32.Huygensx(10,5) Qx(13,-5)
33.(12,-2)        H(8,11)
34.Q(7,3)         R(7,8)
35.C(3,2)         H(8,8)
36.Huygensx(5,5)  G(9,8)
37.Huygens(9,11)  C(11,6)
38.Huygens x(9,4) 8x(9,4)
39.Rx(9,4)        Q(13,8)
40.Ha(10,5)       Q(7,14)
41.Rx(9,8)        Q(7,9)
42.Rx(8x8)        Rx(8,8)
43.C(9,5)         C(11,-2)
44.Ha(10,3)       R(8,-5)
45.Hax(7,6)+      Qx(7,6)
46.Qx(7,6)+       K(4,8)
47.N(7,5)         C(5,7)
48.R(1,0)         H(1,11)
49.H(7,4)         R(6,-5)+
50.K(5,2)         R(5,-5)+
51.Huygens(5,0)   Cx(7,6)
52.Cx(7,6)        Rx(9,-5)
53.Nx(5,6)+       K(3,9)
54.Ha(5,4)        B(4,9)
55.C(7,9)         R(3,8)
56.Nx(3,5)        Hawk(1,8)
57.(7,4)          K(2,8)
58.(7,5)          Cx(10,-4)
59.Cx(4,9)+       K(1,7)
60.Cx(-1,9)       (-2,10)
61.C(0,9)+        K(2,6)
62.(4,4)          R(5,8)
63.Cx(-2,10)      Rx(5,4)+
64.(6,3)x(5,4)    R(7,-5)
65.C(7,10)        R(7,2)+
66.K(4,3)         Rx(3,2)
67.Kx(3,2)        Hawk(4,8)
68.(7,6)          C(7,-4)
69.(7,7)          C(7,0)
70.N(4,7)+        K(1,6)
71.N(5,9)         C(5,1)+
72.K(2,2)         Cx(5,4)
73.(7,8)=Q        Hawkx(7,8)
74.Nx(7,8)        Cx(4,4)
75.(10,3)         C(10,4)
76.C(3,10)        K(0,5)
77.Cx(3,6)        Cx(10,3)
78.(0,3)          C(10,8)
79.N(5,7)         (-1,6)
80.(1,4)+         K(-1,5)
81.(-1,3)         K(-2,6)
82.(0,4)          C(0,8)
83.(0,4)x(1,5)    K(-1,5)
84.(1,5)x(0,6)    (-1,11)
85.(1,5)          (-1,10)
86.(1,6)          (-1,9)
87.(1,7)          C(1,10)
88.(1,8)=Q        C(0,8)
89.Qx(0,8)        (-1,9)x(0,8)
90.C(2,8)         K(-1,4)
91.Cx(0,8)        (-1,5)
92.(0,7)          Kx(-1,3)
93.C(-2,7)        (-1,4)
94.(0,8)=Q        Black resigns!! :o
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