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Ecclesiastical chess
« on: August 16, 2020, 12:45:04 am »
I was reading some stuff about chess history, and I noticed that the church had apparently condemned chess, so I wondered what would’ve happened if they hadn’t. That is the base idea for this chess which was inspired by the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Board: 16x12

Laity o1x>, c1> promotes to Cleric
Cleric o1x, c1+
Deacon 2x
Priest ~2x
Pastor ^2x
Archdeacon ^2x
Bishop nx
Archbishop o(nx).~2-
Metropolitan nx(bounce edges)
Cardinal nx+
Pope 1x+

Goal: leave the opposing pope without a way to get out of being threatened or leave the opponent without a legal move

Rules: once per game the pope is allowed to switch with a laity as long as said laity is not being threatened.
The laities promote to clerics if they reach the opposition’s second rank.
A pope may not threatened a pope.
Pastor will not be allowed to jump a piece if there is a piece in the square it lands on. (This rule only applies to pastor)

D   Pr   P   Ad   B   Ab   M   C   Pp   M   Ab   B   Ad   P   Pr   D
L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L
L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L   L
D   Pr   P   Ad   B   Ab   M   Pp   C   M   Ab   B   Ad   P   Pr   D

Notes: I couldn’t get the grid to show for the setup. I used Parlett’s movement notation to describe the way the pieces moved and I used - to signify that the pice must move in the same direction it was moving prior.

Please ask any questions you’d like.

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