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Gap Chess
« on: March 13, 2018, 06:25:21 pm »
Here is a new variant based on Bombalot.

The board is 8x8.
Gaps are holes where pieces cannot move onto.
The game starts with a board where only the first two ranks and the last two ranks are not gaps.
The game only starts when players place their two Rooks, four Tanks, two Bishops, King, Queen, and 8 Jumping Pawns.
During the game, players may place tiles to fill gaps which takes a turn.
Each player may place eight closed tiles.
Each player may place unlimited open tiles.
Rules are FIDE Chess unless otherwise specified.


King - FIDE King

Queen - FIDE Queen

Bishop - FIDE Bishop

Rook - FIDE Rook

Jumping Pawn - Moves like a Pawn, but if there is a gap of any size in front of it, it can orthogonally jump in front of it. Cannot jump over pieces.

Tank - Moves like a King, but cannot capture pieces directly, only move them to an adjacent square in the same direction it moved it. It can move pieces off of the board or into a gap, capturing it.


Open Tiles - These are tiles that can be removed by any player.

Closed Tiles - These are tiles that can only be removed by the player who placed it. When removed, one closed tile is given back to the player who removed it.

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