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Uncomputable Chess Variant Contest


I decided to make a contest.
Things we are looking for:
Extremely hard or impossible for computers to play.

Can I submit something I already created?

Damn it, computers can play it.

If we can use already designed games, here's The Battle of Macysburg, a Command and Maneuver scenario. It's an abstract riff on the American Civil War battle of Gettysburg, a multi-move shatranj variant featuring 'mini-kings' which lead small groups of pieces across the board. The game lasts 38 turns, divided into 3 'days' of (about) a dozen turns each, separated by 2 'night' turns where the armies break off combat and withdraw for the night to rest and rally troops. Here's the first day and night, with new units coming on to the board marked: While I don't believe it's noncomputable, I do believe it's very difficult and I suspect a small group of human experts playing against Alpha Zero might well hold their own. Macysburg has been playtested enough to show it works fairly well. There are some minor modifications to the  turn structure I'd like to try out, specifically changing the length of a day from 12 turns for each of the 3 days to 13 on day 1, 12 on day 12, and 11 on day 3, to represent army fatigue and to allow the first day's reinforcements (2nd wave of units) to come in 1 turn later, to (try to) encourage the initial units to come into contact with the enemy without waiting for the day 1 reinforcements to catch up before joining battle. The minor variability of the turn structure is just one of the variable features of this game. The terrain is variable, the entry points and times are variable, the make-up of each of the 4 waves of units entering during the first 2 days of the battle, all are variable. And the 'movie' gives you an idea, but nowhere near a full picture of how predictable the future might be in the game. It's the 2nd best game I can offer for this contest.

I created this variant many years ago. It requires a computer because of hidden information and is easiest described as a recombination of several other variants.

Double Fischer Random Chess (your pieces are shuffled under Chess 960 rules, you opponents are as well and are likely not mirrored)
Dark Chess (you can only see the spaces of the board that you are currently occupying and those where your pieces can legally move)
King Capture (you do not announce check, capturing the King wins the game)
Crazy House (you may drop a captured piece on the board converting it to your color, but only to visible spaces)

The game is called Lao Tzu Chess.


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